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We welcome the opportunity to share our many years of knowledge with a wider range of novice to beauty experts. Learning from the comfort of your home or salon. Never a moment wasted, as knowledge is a click away!

Having a bad hair day?

Braid your own hair!

  • Wash hair less to allow natural oils to nourish your scalp!
  • Learn from the convenience of your own home!
  • Stay gorgeous every day!
  • Wow your friends with you new skills!

Salon up do's challenging?

Learn to add braids!

  • Add braids to your up do's!
  • Create unique designs for prom and wedding season!
  • Add an extra service to your clients!
  • Learn all of the latest hair braiding trends!

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Have you always admired those Instagram and TikTok videos of amazing braids and thought to yourself "I wish I could do that!"? Guess what? You CAN and it's easier than you thought! With Teach Hairbraiding's Basic Braiding Course, you'll be creating social media worthy braids in no time!

Need to add more services?

Challenge your team to an advanced Certification braiding course!

  • Hold in-salon trainings for your Stylists!
  • Be on the cutting-edge of the latest looks!
  • Offer clients a step up to their finished style!
  • Make your salon the go-to for braid mastery!


Contemporary Hair Braiding techniques are ready for you! 

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